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Do you offer flat fee or hourly services?

Dr. Kweller can provide a flat-fee service for liability and damages reports. Typically the fee for reports is $2,500. The fee may increase depending on the circumstances and need to expedite.

If testimony is required for a deposition or trial, then Dr. Kweller requires a $3,000 retainer, and will charge $300 per hour for preparation and testimony. The fee may increase depending on the circumstances and need for travel.

How can I hire Dr. Kweller?

Please email Dr. Kweller at He will discuss what services he can offer for your case, and you will be emailed a fee agreement for the proposed services.

Upon receipt of the signed fee agreement and retainer/fee, Dr. Kweller will proceed with providing the requested services.

Is Dr. Kweller experienced with cross-examination?

Yes. Dr. Kweller has been cross-examined by some of the smartest attorneys in Texas, and he is prepared to confidently answer tough questions.

Dr. Kweller is an experienced deponent and trial witness. With over 40 years of medical experience, Dr. Kweller can handle almost anything.

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