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Howard E. Kweller, M.D.

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Howard E. Kweller, M.D.

Expert Witness & Litigation Support

Howard E. Kweller, M.D.

Dr. Howard Kweller is a general practitioner having a vast array of expertise, skill, training, and knowledge since receiving his formal medical eduction from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in 1978.  Dr. Kweller has enjoyed practicing medicine and continues to serve patience since receiving his medical license in 1982. 

Dr. Kweller was called upon by the local attorney's of his community to provide the expert advice needed to adequately address the legal issue at hand. His natural ability to successfully handle the nuances of litigation led to more frequent requests for litigation support. After being admitted as the expert to uncountable legal suits, Dr. Kweller understands what services attorneys need. Whether you need a CME physical, liability report, deposition testimony, trial testimony, or something else, Dr. Kweller can provide it.

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